Bra Fitting Guide

Do The Band Test

Put you bra on backwards, band only, on the loosest hook unless Pregnant or under 18, and see how far you can pull the band. It should be less than an inch (but more than 2 fingers). Your bra band should actually sit quite low on your back, it should be at the exact same height at the front and back. The band should be in a straight line with no arching and lifting.

Scoop and Swoop

Used to ensure all the breast tissue is within the cup. Lean forward and scoop all side tissue and swoop boobs up so they sit in the cup properly. This will ensure all breast tissue is properly supported and uplifted and any migrated breast tissue will be in the bra cup where it should be and not squishing out of the sides looking like under arm fat.

Flat Central Gore

If you are wearing an underwired bra, the center gore should always be flat against your chest (even if you have very close set boobs). You should be wearing your bra on the loosest hooks initially. Any tighter when you’re starting wear means you need the next back size down. This ensures that as you wear and wash the bra and fibers loosen, you can tighten and still remain fully supported.